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We are The Order of the Crimson Coast an official group of markland medieval mercenary malitia of pirate and historic enthusiasts who still know how to have some fun. We went on the account as an official house on January 26, 2008  with 11 members. We want to thank you for visiting this page and we hope to let it serve as a means of spreading our interests with everyone and at the same time be a resource for other enthusiasts.

Markland is a non-profit educational organization that studies and re-enacts the  cultures of the middle ages and related periods. the standard time-frame is between 1000 ad. to 1700 ad. The Order attends both private and public feasts, workshops, demonstarations, wars, and parades in the northeast region. Most of us are still new to Markland while others have had a year or more of experience. Thank you for stopping by and we hope to see you some time. 

We be the best pirates what sailed the seven seas, drunk to the gills or no.